Clay Craft Kits

Worry Monster Clay Kit

Bring the fun of a clay workshop into the comfort of your own home. On receipt of your kit, you will be given a link to view a step by step, online tutorial. Watch at your own pace and never get left behind.

Each box includes enough quality air dry clay to create one special Worry Monster. Plus a wooden knife, skewer, a square of waxed paper, a selection of poster paints, varnish and a paint brush.

A family kit contains enough clay for 3-4 monsters.

You will also need a glass of water, a sponge and an apron or old clothes.

Please do not leave children unattended when using this kit.

I've had so much fun designing this kit for you, I hope you enjoy creating your Worry Monsters as much as I've enjoyed putting your kit together.

I have tried to keep my kits as zero waste as possible. The wooden tools, can be reused and composted when no longer needed. The tins are recyclable. Unfortunately I could not find a suitable alternative to the plastic bag that holds the clay. I tried compostable bags and although they are waterproof, they were not airtight, so the clay started to dry out with a few days. The paint comes in mini plastic pots. I have included an addressed return envelope in your box. Please use it to send back any pieces you have no use for. I will happily give them a second life while working with community group, to avoid them going to land fill.

Please share your creations with me on Instagram and Facebook @ciaracampbellceramics using the hash tag #ciarasclaykits