A Totally Portable Pottery Experience

Using hand building techniques and a portable potter's wheel, I provide workshops that promote creativity, mind training, team building and can also be very therapeutic. All of my classes can be tailored to meet your individual needs and are designed to suit all ages and abilities.

I'm also happy to come to your location, bringing everything we need for the class. All your beautiful creations then come home to my studio, where I dry and fire them, ready for collection, or we meet again to glaze them.

Long-term projects can be created to allow clients to work on individual final pieces or work on a group piece of artwork for public display, giving participants  a sense of achievement. Projects run over more than two weeks are priced by the hour plus materials, kiln firings and travel.

Ceramic workshops & Pottery Parties

We'll use techniques like slab building, coiling and modelling with everyone creating a mastepiece in clay. 

How about doing something creative for their birthday party or hen party this year? All we need is a table or a floor, inside or out, and we can get stuck in.

 Duration approx 1 hour 30 minutes


Airdry clay - £75 plus £3 per head, ready to take home on the same day

Kiln fired clay- £75 plus £6 per head, ready to collect in 2 weeks and paint at home

Kiln fired and glazed clay- £75 plus £10 per head, ready to collect in 4 weeks

*There may be an additional travel charge if required to travel long distance.

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